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  • Dacula Middle School7

    Dacula, GA | Gwinnett County

    February 20, 2015

    At first my daughter had a good start when she enrolled nearly at the end of 6th grade.The only issue in 6th grade was that the school had a bomb threat and now the police is stationed in the school. Once she went into the 7th, there has been a lot of issues. First she complained about the teachers not helping her with her classwork and they don't do their job correctly. Then she says that the kids steal personal belongings. One of the students IPhone 5s got stolen in this past month and also one of the teacher's cellphone got stolen as well.And just yesterday, my daughters $20 brand new book got stolen during class. And there is a lot of cussing, harassment, threatening, and bullying going on. Teachers don't do anything when a student gets bullied they stay passive. My daughter comes home with a complaint of daily drama. I do not recommend this school.

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    February 3, 2015

    This middle school is horrible. Do not let your child enroll in Susan Pass' class. She is an awful teacher. She don't know how to disciple students. One day as I was walking out of her class Susan stops me for checking the TIME on my phone. She goes I'm going to call your mom. I don't get to explain other students had there phone out. But only I was targeted for checking the TIME. In my opinion I feel that Dacula just needs to fire her and go on.

    November 11, 2014

    Terrible terrible terrible. The teachers bully you. They make to many mistakes. They are not there to help the students. My son has ADD. The advanced 7th grade math teacher constantly bullied him. She allowed other students to bully him. He told the teacher and she just looked at him and smiled. The Principal does noting but tell you all the time she understands. But she never accepts responsibility for the teachers mistakes. She is not there for your child. Everything is just a cover up to make the school look good.

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    July 30, 2014

    Before I go into writing about my experience at Dacula Middle I want to disclose that this is my own personal experience and should not waver anyone from wanting to attend this school. Now that's out of the way, I wanted to first start off by saying that I attended Dacula from 6th to 8th grade and was a constant honor roll student. Even with this, my 3 years at Dacula were the most difficult of my school career. The group of students I learned with proved to be very clique-ish and weren't very receiving of new students. If you differed from the popular clique you were automatically teased. Within a year I faced a bullying problem and the assistant principal barely took any action to have the problem resolved. The bullying nearly continued for 2 years. The guidance counselors were not very helpful and didn't keep an open relationship with the students. The only positive that I can give this school, is that its academics were great and I did encounter some pretty great teachers along the way. Besides that, I hope that this review helps any former and new students at Dacula. Hopefully the administration has buckled down on bullying and has tried to help students.

    April 9, 2014

    I have had two children that went to Dacula Middle School. My son has learn to stay away from all the problem children and stay positive. He tells me daily that there are a lot of behavior problems which does not allow the teacher to teach to their best ability. I thank God for having a strong minded child that does not follow the crowd. I personally do not care for the school but he not having any issue so I will not transfer him. My daughter on the other hand gave into the temptation of being call lame and started acting like the other kids that and let her grades go down, asking foolish and I can continue but I will not. The administrators really need to get a handle on the disrespectful kids that make this school a unpleasant place. Most of all the PARENT NEED TO BE ACCOUNTABLE OF THEIR KIDS...JUST MY THOUGHTS. FYI. after strong discipline my daughter grades are back up.

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    January 22, 2014

    I am a parent of a sixth grader at dacula middle. The school itself is great. I think the cirriculum is difficult but apparently is what is needed to survive high school and college. My son is in the gifted program and does very well. It did take about six weeks to get in a groove and the school did not prep us new middle school parents well. I had no idea how to find homework assignments on the school website and there are other important links on the left hand side of the teachers websites that no one mentioned. There are online textbooks for the first several weeks that I did not know about or how to get to them much less use them so it was hard tryiing to help my son with homework. As to his teaxhers, I do have to say his sixth grade math teacher mrs.sanford is quite difficult. She will not help with any extra credit or help the student thrive and is also very disorganized. The other teachers are much easier to deal with and communicate whenever I need them. The assistant sixth grade principal is great. Overall it's a good school but if anyone from the school reads this, you might want to put together a packet for new middle school parents.

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    March 20, 2013

    This school has a lot of bullying issues that is not resolved in a timely manner. Teachers are doing the best that they can with disobedient kids.

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    March 9, 2013

    As a parent of a sixth grader, I am extremely pleased with Dacula Middle School. The instructional focus has been top-notch, the teachers go out of their way to ensure that students learn, and the administration is attentive to the needs of students and parents. My child has made lots of friends and has found a "place" at DMS. I am very happy to have such a great middle school in my community!

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    January 19, 2012

    I am an 8th grade student at DMS. This school is the best you can ever go to in the Dacula area. The teachers are the best and really care if the student succeeds or not. There are many teacher's that teach classes that you should try to get your student in to. One of them would be the 7th grade teacher, Mrs. Pate. I really think she will allow your student to shine their brightest in science.

    September 15, 2011

    I do not go to Dacula but my brother did and I can tell you from his experiences McConnell is a lot better and the same with High Schools Archer high is way better then Dacula High

    August 20, 2011

    My girls go here and on the first day of school they had an 8th grader threaten them saying "I will kick your a@# if you sit back here again", I called the school and they sent me to the transportation department and while yes the bus driver doesn't care what is done or said on the bus and should be fired but I fee like this should be a school issue too, since it is bullying and they are supposedly against it and have no tolerance. Needless to say the first chance I get to get them out of this school I will

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    December 3, 2009

    I love this school because the teachers are extremely pro-active in their style of teaching. By the time my son gets home, I've received info on what was missing, test scores, etc.

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    June 5, 2009

    Im a former 7th grader from Dacula middle, and ive got to say, dacula middle school s the best school ive gone to so far. 6th grade was the funnest but 7th was great to.

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    March 7, 2009

    i am a student at DMS and let me just say this school is the best ever last year i went to SMS and i was not doing so well and when i came to this school i really started trying. the teachers teach so well and the lunch is really good and the students there are so friendly. i highly recomand this school, by the way im in 8th grade lol

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    February 25, 2009

    I am in 7th grade at DMS..... and yeah the school couldn't be better. 6th grade is the hardest but overall everything is great.

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